Multiple DMX devices

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Multiple DMX devices

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Can Cue Player One support more than 1 DMX device? I would like to connect an Enttec DMX Pro and an Enttec MK2 at the same time so I can use 3 universes. or possibly 2 Enttec MK2's.

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Re: Multiple DMX devices

Post by baxeldata »

Sorry, but as of version, CP One only supports one universe. Our original intent was a tool to support small community theaters that needed, at most, 512 channels.
Since that release and the proliferation of LED instruments, it's obvious that multiple universe support is needed - and we are working on it!
If lighting control is your primary need, the current version of Cue Player Lighting will support 2 universes. The combination of Cue Player Premium (for sound) and Cue Player Lighting is the same price as CP One. The two programs will communicate with each other, so it is possible to have a single primary cue list if that is your need.
As I said, we are currently updating CP One to not only have more universes, but also incorporate recent feature additions that are currently in Premium and Lighting. Please check back here and on Facebook for that announcement.
Thank you for your interest in Cue Player!

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